Astral glass bead look wallcovering from Roysons


The hottest wall covering design on the market.  Our glass bead look alike is stunning.  You won’t believe your eyes. Captivating,  durable, easier to install and less expensive than the real thing.  Our new patent pending process combines a glass bead embossing and new proprietary glitter coating technology,   showcasing our innovative approach to design and development.

These new products are sold exclusively in the US by Innovations under the product name Illumina,  and sold worldwide through our proprietary Sparks collection under the product name Astral. 

Astral / Illumina Advantages

  • More Durable-  this product is a major improvement over popular Glass Bead wallcoverings because it can withstand commercial wear and tear.  Our beads do not fall off!!!
  • Easy Installation- Astral and Illumina products can be easily installed using traditional fabric backed vinyl wallcovering techniques.   Competitive glass bead wallcoverings are extremely difficult to install.
  • Less Expensive-  our patent pending technological breakthrough allows us to deliver the look and performance you want,  while greatly reducing the cost of the product when compared to competitive glass bead wallcoverings.
  • Custom capabilities- the efficiencies in our manufacturing process allow us to offer smaller minimum requirements on custom coloring of Astral or Illumina.

 Available Exclusively in the US as "Illumina" from Innovations in Wallcoverings

Click here to see the Illumina advertisement featured in Interior Design Magazine

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